Episode 3: PB Jefferson and Hanky Panky Sun Bear

Seems like it is never a dull moment in the production of this budding podcast. We happened across some great recording equipment and decided to try it out right away. Kudos to Nick for finding it! Here is a picture of Nick, Dave, and Paul setting it up.

Awesome to have my tech savvy brother Dave with us who actually knows how to use this stuff!

This week we light up one of the latest newcomers to Twins Smoke Shop, the Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion 1794 Jefferson by RoMa Craft. This 4.5 x 52 cigar is small but it packs a big punch! While the Whiskey Rebellion line has been out for several years it has only just become available for national distribution. Should you look for it? In the first half of this episode we give you our take.

Sam The Barman returns to Not Just Blowing Smoke with his picks for our mid-show pairing. He paired the Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion Jefferson with the PB You Who? stout from Marsh Island.

For the Sun Bear pipe tobacco we review in the second half of the show, Sam mixed an old gin based cocktail dating back to 1925 called the Hanky Panky.

Did he pick wisely? Peanut butter stout–should that even be a thing? You might be surprised…

This week’s pipe tobacco is Sun Bear, the latest Small Batch offering from Cornell & Diehl. This limited run blended by C&D’s master blender Jeremy Reeves, consisted of 4,500 2oz tins, all of which Cornell & Diehl has already sold. We bought a case of tins here at Twins Smoke Shop, but this Virginia blend is moving fast and is only going to be harder and harder to find. Is the search worth the effort, or is this something you shouldn’t lose any sleep over missing?

There was one question that was asked over and over again by people who followed Pastor Padron when he was on The AshHoles cigar podcast, and that is: “Is Michelle coming back?” Michelle is a personal friend of Pastor Padron’s who reported on cigar shops, restaurants, and vacation destinations in her travels around the world as a professional surfer and model. Will this perky, mischievous, beauty ever be joining us here at Not Just Blowing Smoke? Pastor Padron lets you know what she is up to and whether or not she will be reprising her popular segment on our podcast.

You can stream or download the latest episode here.

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