These Guys Are Not Just Blowing Smoke… Seriously

Not Just Blowing Smoke
(Left to right) Dave, Sam, Pastor Padron, Paul, Kendra, and Nick

Pastor Dan, aka “Pastor Padron,” author, speaker, scholar, and all-around “nice guy,” is a certified tobacconist at Twins Smoke Shop and has been a discerning enthusiast of both cigar and tobacco pipe smoking for over 20 years.  

Nick is another botl and cigar specialist at Twins Smoke Shop, and is a guy that goes both ways smoking pipes and cigars. Nick smokes everything under the sun and holds nothing back. 

Paul is a cigar specialist and has been a cigar enthusiast for over 20 years. He enjoys all varieties of cigars and has a special adoration for that old black magic that only the maduro wrapper can deliver.

David has been dabbling with cigars and pipes for years, but as the newest member of the Twins team, he has begun his journey to become a Certified Retail Tobacconist.

Can any good come from putting these guys together on a cigar podcast? Could that be a good thing? Yes it can, and that is… 

Not Just Blowing Smoke. 

This is the only podcast that brings the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and fun of Twins Smoke Shop, New England’s premiere Cigar Bar, right to you!
Wherever you are.
Whenever you want it.
And that is…Not Just Blowing Smoke!

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