Episode 2: Perdomo, Background Music, and Wild Man

On this week’s episode of Not Just Blowing Smoke, we start the Pre-Perdomo-Pomp in preparation for Nick Perdomo’s visit here at Twins Smoke Shop on Thursday August 29th from 4:00-9:00pm at our Londonderry location. To do so, we light up the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro Epicure.

We respond to the feedback we’ve received so far and debate the pros and cons of having background music throughout the podcast.

For the Mid-Show Pallet Cleansing, Kendra, the undisputed Potion Master and First Lady of the 7-20-4 Lounge brings us a Cabrera Cocktail, named after Orlando Cabrera who was part of the Red Sox 2004 World Series team. Turns out he wants to be on the show with us! Very cool indeed! But then, who wouldn’t?

We then pop open a tin of the newly released Wild Man pipe tobacco by Seattle Pipe Club. There has been a lot of buzz about this new blend. Is it another home run for English blend lovers like their Plum Pudding was? We give our thoughts.

We also update you on what is going on at Twins Smoke Shops in Londonderry and Hooksett NH and update you on industry news.

You can listen here or click the link below.

As usual, please feel free to leave a comment below. We love to hear from our listeners!

2 thoughts on “Episode 2: Perdomo, Background Music, and Wild Man

  1. Matt Fisher aka Fish August 30, 2019 — 8:21 pm

    Another fine listen. More insight, more subtle comedy. I will never miss a drum beat from y’all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Matt! We appreciate your support! 👍 👍


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