Smokin With Our Friends Jeff Pitchell & Kurt Kendall

Blues Hall of Famer Jeff Pitchell and Twins owner Kurt =Kendall join us as we smoke the Twins 25th Anniversary Gran Corona from Aganorsa Leaf! We talk music, cigars, bourbon, and what the story is behind Jeff’s hit song, Fat Cigars. Daved and Confused was unable to produce so the video presented here is straight from Pastor Padrón’s phone. Special thanks to Cigar God Dave and Nurse Rick of The Cigar Hacks podcast for producing the audio recording which will go to podcast platforms on March 27 and for hitting the record video on my phone when they saw the streaming fail. The video missed the introduction and announcement of the cigar but that was it. We’d love to hear your reactions in the comments! Recorded live in the 7-20-4 Lounge!

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