Pablo Maduro’s Swan Song

Legend has it that swans sing their most beautiful when they are about to die. From this belief, the phrase “swan song” was born, being used to mark the final performance of an actor or artist. It is a phrase that denotes ending their work in style. After 147 episodes of NJBS, Paul, aka Pablo Maduro, is moving on from the podcast and from Twins to his next adventure. In this special episode we send him off with some very special cigars from Patuante’s personal stash. We don’t want to give it away beforehand, so you will have to watch to find out what they are. Twins Tobacconist Shel, aka Brother Broadleaf, and Tequila Talia join the panel of Not Just Blowing Smoke as we send Paul on his way.

Not Just Blowing Smoke is the cigar and pipe podcast that brings the knowledge, expertise, and fun of Twins Smoke Shop right to you. Wherever you are, and whenever you want it. New episodes every Monday. Subscribe to us on Podbean, iHeart Radio, Spotify, iTunes, Google, YouTube, and to our website,, to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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