How Aging Effects Cigars: Aged v New Aladino Cameroon Lonsdales

Last June, we reviewed the newly arrived Aladino Cameroon Lonsdale. One of the things that sets the Aladino Cameroon line of cigars apart, is that JRE Tobacco grew the Cameroon themselves on their farms in Honduras, so that they could have control over the whole process of the crop. The result was a wrapper that had unique and subtle nuances that tobacco from the country of Cameroon typically offers.

While we enjoyed the cigar then, we wanted to see how it might improve with some age, so we put some aside and hid them in the Twins vault. Tonight we take those cigars out and smoke them back to back with newly arrived Aladino Cameroon Lonsdales. Will the new cigars measure up to our expectations? How does several months of aging impact this particular cigar? The boys of NJBS are back to find out!

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