Aging Cigars with Whiskey: with Special Guest Orlando Cabrera!

Baseball star and cigar aficionado, Orlando Cabrera, joins us for the next in our series on aging cigars and tobacco. In this episode, we look at a method of aging that is a bit out of the box–incorporating whiskey!

Orlando has found that aging his cigars using whiskey adds complexity and depth to his cigars. And he is not the only one! Kurt Kendall offers a set of 6 of his famous Dog Walker cigars, aged inside an empty bottle of 7-20-4 Lounge Barrell Select Jack Daniel’s as a regular offering at Twins. The left over essence of the whiskey has an incredible impact on the tobacco giving them a very unique flavor.

We talk with Orlando about why he enjoys using whiskey to age his cigars, how he came to try it, and what his process is. While we talk, we smoke the 7-20-4 Jack Daniels Dog Walkers and some whiskey aged cigars from Orlando’s own collection.

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