Dancing the “S.D.” Hustle

Coming again from an undisclosed location where we are able to practice social distancing while recording, we light up the 7-20-4 Hustler Corona Gorda which Kendra pairs with her own Smoke Shop Margarita. In the second half of the show we review Deception Pass by Seattle Pipe Club which Kendra paired with an Italian dry red wine. 

We argue over how the margarita interacts with the Hustler, talk about our lame first attempt at Facebook Live, get a surprise call-in from our fellow co-worker at the 7-20-4 Lounge, Kimbaah, share how we are coping with life inside because of COVID-19, and Nick shares his frustration at not finding Kendra’s drinks at other bars.

This is the only podcast that brings the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and fun of Twins Smoke Shop, New England’s premiere smoke shop, right to you, wherever you are, whenever you want it. Each week we review a cigar and a pipe tobacco and have each expertly paired with a spirit or cocktail from the bar at our own 7-20-4 Lounge. And that is…Not Just Blowing Smoke! New episodes every Monday. Follow us on Podbean, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and Google.

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