Hammer + Sickle EPH and Cornell & Diehl Old Joe Krantz

This week we look at a cigar and pipe tobacco that were created as dedications. We start off smoking the Hammer + Sickle EPH, a special limited edition torpedo blended to commemorate Eric P. Hansen, the president of Hammer + Sickle who suddenly passed away about a year an a half ago. Smoking with us is Erik Wentworth, who has taken over running the cigar line and who was a close friend of Eric’s. Of course, we paired that cigar with Hammer + Sickle Vodka.

On the second half of the show we light up Cornell & Diehl’s Old Joe Krantz, a very popular blend created by Bob Runowski in honor of his grandfather who was also the man who gave him his love for pipe smoking. We paired this burley blend with the just released Jamison Cold Brew whiskey.

We also keep you updated on what is happening at Twins, Erik talks about his sneaker room, and Pastor Padron gets asked about his vacation and turning 50. All this and all the fun, banter, and shenanigans you crave in a podcast, and that is Not Just Blowing Smoke!

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