Don’t Miss Out!

Have you noticed that the latest episodes have not been showing up in your iTunes, or Spotify feed? Just do another search for “Not Just Blowing Smoke,” and you will see that 2 podcasts with that name come up. Both of them are ours. Click on the one you are not following and you will see all the latest episodes there.

Why did that happen? Because we have out grown the site we were using to publish our podcast and have migrated over to which allows us more opportunity to grow and expand our reach, as well as giving us greater understanding of our expanding audience. So make sure you unfollow the old one and subscribe to the new one.

Please check out our podcast page over at Podbean and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing. You can also find the latest episodes on YouTube, and you can always find every episode right here at our website. Thanks again for listening, subscribing, and supporting our podcast…and that is not just blowing smoke!

Sailing the Jefferson Ocean
The Best Cigars of 2019

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