Digits and Dreams: Getting Down with the New 7-20-4 1874 Series Toro and Dreams of Kadath

In this episode we are joined by Bo Zaryckyj from 7-20-4 Cigars and light up the new 1874 Series Toro that literally just arrived from Nicaragua. We then light up Dreams of Kadath by Cornell & Diehl. Both Kendra and Sam from the 7-20-4 Lounge bring their choices for pairings with each of these, Kendra a Japanese whiskey for the cigar and Sam a Malbec from Argentina. We talk the history of 7-20-4, what makes a good lighter, and debate who made the best pairing. Is the new size and blend of the 1874 Series worth looking for? Is Dreams of Kadath a Dream worth remembering? Who made the best pairing? Tune in here and find out or listen at the link below or wherever you get your podcasts.

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