The Happy Dance Episode

The Illusione Cigares Prive Pactum Maduro Box Pressed and
Erik Stokkebye’s 4th Generration 1957 Blend.

This could also have been called “The Whiskey Episode” as this time Kendra-the Potion Master and manager of the 7-20-4 Lounge-brought wine and whiskey rep Colin onto the show.

We reviewed the Cigares Prive Pactum Toro Maduro by Illusione, which happen’s to be one of Paul’s favorite cigars. After listening to the tasting notes of the cigar, Colin decided to pull out all the stops and pair it with Glenfiddich 21. We were completely blown away by this amazing single malt. But could the Pactum hold its own with the scotch?

For the pipe tobacco review we lit up Erik Stokkebye’s 4th Generation 1957 blend. Kendra lit some up herself pre-show and decided to pair it with Peated Westland American Single malt Whiskey.

As you can see, Kendra felt it was such a great pairing that that she broke into her happy dance! Did the rest of the guys feel the same? Listen here and find out or click on the link below.

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